News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, August 10, 2017

Springsteen on Broadway, people. I say: SPRINGSTEEN. ON. BROADWAY. Yes, I know this is not the most important thing going on right now. Leave me alone.

Menendez trial is now just weeks away: Judge refuses to throw out indictment before trial

Seeing Castro around every corner: Rep. Albio Sires tell VP Pence that Venezuela could become a ‘Cuba-type government with oil’

Abdul helped US troops in Afghanistan. Won a special visa for his service.
But for the last five months, he’s been detained in New Jersey.


Saving this for the next time he needs to distract us? Trump ignores Christie’s call to declare national emergency over opioid crisis

Trump’s poll numbers: Still awful

Trump handlers flying in to Jersey: VP Pence arrives today, McMaster also coming

Um. This is from February, but worth another look: Trump takes Propecia, A Hair Loss Drug Associated With Mental hickonfusion, Impotence. Don’t give a damn if POTUS can’t get it up. Other stuff though? Whole different matter.

First Amendment vs. Donald Trump: Potential judicial history. Should Twitter users suing Trump for being blocked have their access restored?

Trump-like giant inflatable chicken, outside the White House, staring in the windows

White House correspondent from TIME Zeke Miller posted part of the flight pattern as it headed to Bedminster


New Report. new light on last year’s DNC hack: Former NSA experts say it wasn’t a hack at all, it was a leak, an inside job by someone with access to the DNC’s system


Tammy Murphy gets WSJ’s attention: Phil Murphy’s wife is a major force in his campaign

This year, as Phil Murphy was dominating the Dem Guv primary, all anybody was talking about is, Who’s Jim Johnson and what’s he going to do next? Here’s what might be next.

If he wins, Glen Rock councilman Bill Leonard would be NJ’s youngest assemblyman

Sheila Oliver’s gambit greases the party machine (Ledger editorial)


Unarmed Russian Air Force jet overflies the Pentagon, Capitol, CIA – – and Bedminster, NJ

North Korea says it will have a strike plan in place to hit Guam by mid-August


Worried about the nukes. Please send pizza.

CWA goes to court seeking to block the state from implementing a series of changes to the government’s technology infrastructure — changes the government says it needs to prevent hackers from posing a threat.

Oh, we only fight for religious freedom for Christians

White House opioid commission report echoes NJ anti-addiction efforts

NJ’s farmland preservation initiatives get much-needed funding


East Brunswick: F___ you, Opioids: Funeral director, sick of seeing unnecessary death, posts poignant message online

Lakewood: What happens next? 

“Beach spreading” in Belmar: Borough might ban tents and canopies that let people take up too much room

Sussex County: Solar project was $26M epic fail, former state comptroller says

South Brunswick: Will affordable housing decision be derailed by judge’s ties to developer?

Margate in court: Army Corps at a loss for solutions to Margate’s dune lake

Bedminster: Helicopters startling the horses, Secret Service at the deli for bagels, protests rolling past the Trump golf course. Locals are getting used to it.



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  1. deciminyan

    It was good to see the trump chicken again. Last time we saw it was when we interviewed Jim Keady at the MacArthur “town hall” in Willingboro three months ago.


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