News Roundup & Open Thread for Friday, August 11, 2017


This headline at Vanity Fair: Fear and Loathing in Bedminster: On the Ground in the Quiet, Bucolic Town Where Donald Trump is Toying with Blowing Up the World

Quote of the Day #1, The allegation:

“This is life and death.” – Phil Murphy at Planned Parenthood’s endorsement

And the pushback: NJ health officials deny women are dying because of Christie cuts to PP

Quote of the Day #2, Dems watch out:

“…without a positive context, the overall picture one gets from the DNC’s emails is of a directionless, reflexive party that fails to ask Democratic supporters to do more than oppose Republicans, let alone work for a different vision for the future of the country.”

– The Democratic Party’s Looming Fundraising Crisis: Trump-era Republicans learned from Bernie Sanders’ success. The DNC still hasn’t. And that fact threatens to undo Dems’ political gains (Politico)

South Jersey’s Kellyanne: The fake newsiest


Quote of the Day #2: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble:

“At a moment that requires subtlety, Trump unwisely amped up his rhetoric once more Thursday, warning the North Koreans of things “they never thought possible.” He talks like the promoter of a WWE wrestling match. But this is real.” – David Ignatius, WaPo

Carlos Mejia-Bonilla, charged with being in U.S. illegally, dead at 44. Photo: Hudson Civic Action


Hudson County: County launches 2nd probe of two deaths at county correctional facility
Margate: Judge: Dune work can resume – with conditions
Vineland: Possible new owner for closed Progresso plant
Interactive map, find your town: Which NJ students leave school with the most debt?


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