LGBT in New Jersey: Part I – Overview

This new series will examine the lives of the diverse LGBT community in the Garden State. On Saturday there will be the 17th Annual Jersey City LGBT Pride Festival exemplifying the strength and growth of our LGBT & allied communities. We can be proud that NJ has taken significant steps forward to provide important rights. However, there is more to accomplish, plus, the Trump administration is taking steps backward which will impact us in the Garden State.

Christian Fuscarino, Executive Director of Garden State Equality (GSE), is optimistic about our future. “With the election of Phil Murphy, we are confident that New Jersey will close the remaining gaps in equality to take the #1 spot from California.” He ads, “In addition to GSE working with the new Governor, we are continuing our anti-bullying work in schools, helping to create safe spaces for older adults, closing the housing gap for homeless LGBT youth, identifying LGBT friendly health care providers and making sure access to care is easy for our community, and  will continue to advocate against the bigoted Trump administration.”

In this Part I we are taking a look at the broader framework of recent and proposed laws.

NJ LGBT pride


Governor Christie was strongly opposed to marriage equality, which he fought in the courts until he finally surrendered realizing that the NJ Supreme Court would rule against him. Nonetheless, he has recently signed into law, with bipartisan legislative support, important legislation:


Not our House now


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