Hey, women candidates: Want to star in a documentary film?

Some of my friends from Action Together found the announcement below today – a new documentary series about women running for local office. I know some perfect candidates for that:

For example, the badass women running against mighty-righty Republican incumbents in LD-23. The 23rd (my old district) is usually a throwaway for the Dems, who leave it to the county chairs (Warren-Somerset-Hunterdon) to beg some party loyalist to be sacrificial lamb for a campaign neither prioritized by the party or DACC, nor well-funded.

This year, throw away that model. Two women scientists, Christine Lui Chen and Laura Shaw are running in 23 (along with Charles Boddy, Warren/Sussex NAACP president). Neuroscientist Christine, who could walk right into the Statehouse and legislate right now, would be such an improvement over Mike Doherty, who calls climate change “global warming hysteria” and was first in the Statehouse to endorse Trump. And Bell Labs exec Laura Shaw, who showed serious campaign chops getting MSNBC’s Krystal Ball to headline an NYC funder, blows incumbents John DiMaio and Erik Peterson out of the water (sorry, boys). (Boddy’s that good, too).

Right now, NJ’s GOP-soaked Northwest is buzzing with women candidates – among them our Christine & Laura (23rd),  Dr. Lisa Bhimani (25th), Lacey Rzeszowski (21st)Laurie Poppe (16th) and Jennifer Hamilton, Kate Matteson and Gina Trish (24th). Kate & Gina, maybe that documentary should hear you’re running against Asm Parker Space, so comfy with the Confederate flag. These badass women are all working harder than the Republicans they’re working to unseat, who aren’t used to challenge – but they’re in districts the Dems don’t usually fund well. They deserve your help, and maybe to star in this documentary series:

New Documentary Series to Focus on Women Candidates
Whether you’re running for your local school board or the senate, you’re a part of a national movement to change the face of government.
We want to tell your story.
In recent months, thousands of women – both Democrat and Republican – have answered a call to action; they are leaving behind everything they’ve ever known to become first-time candidates for political office.
From doctors to restaurant owners, from cops to stay-at-home-moms, from army rangers to kindergarten teachers, all these women are about to upend their personal lives in order to enter the totally foreign world of campaigning for political office.
Their campaigns may be more grueling than they could have ever expected, and no one is guaranteed success. How will these women juggle their existing commitments to their children, loved ones and careers, while navigating the volatile experience of being a first-time political candidate?
No matter which side of the aisle these women are on, one thing is certain: All will have to bravely stare down the daunting uncertainty of a wholly unpredictable outcome.
To be considered please contact Casting Director Liz Alderman:

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