What should we do – if anything – about Josh Gottheimer?

Like CD1’s Rep. Donald Norcross (whose job is Norcross-safe), we began seeing CD5’s freshly-minted seat-flipper Josh Gottheimer vote with the Republicans on some issues almost the minute he got into office. Item – Hours after his swearing in, voted with GOP to give Congress more power to invalidate regulations adopted by the Obama administration. Item – Just over a week in office, he voted with only 8 other Dems for a bill Scott Garrett sponsored. FiveThirtyEight pegs Gottheimer’s Trump Score – how often he votes in line with Trump’s position – at a whopping 37.5%. That’s more than double NJ’s 2nd-highest Trump score (Pascrell at 17.5%). Btw, Bonnie Watson Coleman’s NJ’s lowest at 2.5%.

Gottheimer’s a Clinton Democrat (Bill’s speechwriter, Hillary’s 2008 campaign advisor). A centrist and cheerleader for other centrists, who see their ilk the solution to a Congress split on nearly everything. A co-leader of the 40-member bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus, currently positioning themselves as the fixers for Obamacare.

Gottheimer talks about cutting taxes, but last week voted for a national defense bill that includes funding for Trump’s Mexico wall – which he says he opposes but just voted to fund. How do you see this, Blue Jersey?

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  1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    That thing where you cross-post at Facebook and everybody wants to tell you what they think … but at Facebook. Damn you, Mark Zuckerberg!

    Kidding. A little.

  2. Andy Skurna

    There is nothing that can be done about his this term, except to remove him and allow the Republicans to reclaim their cult. But, I’d keep him on a short leash and prepare his replacement.

    1. Mar Mot

      He’s a superman when it comes to raising money, $4.5 million ! I don’t know anyone else who could raise anywhere near that amount, do you ?

      Former Retire Garrett member.

      1. Bill Orr

        What we face now is Gottheimer running against McCann (Ri in the general where the national GOP is pouring in money. It would be disastrous if McCann as a strong supporter of Trump were to win. The situation is similar in CD 2 where Van Drew is even more of a DINO, but considerably less conservative than the GOP winner Grossman who is a “Make America Great Again” candidate.

  3. ken bank

    We went through this with John Adler in CD3 when he voted against ACA. Despite that, I would still take him 100 times over our current rep. Tom MacArthur.

    Leave Gottheimer alone, he’s just trying to survive in a Republican-leaning district. I mean, when he beat Garrett did you really expect him to vote like Coleman or even Pascrell who both have safe seats? The GOP has him targeted with millions of dollars they could pour into the race, and Steve Lonegan is salivating at the prospect of taking him on.

    As to Don Norcross, I find it interesting that his pro-Trump score is lower than Pascrell. They both have safe seats, so I would be more critical of Pascrell than I would Josh Gottheimer, or Norcross. Maybe Pascrell needs to be primaried, he is getting old.

  4. Rosi Efthim

    So … I hope you cast a vote here. But there’s a hell of a convo going on on Facebook if you want to jump in there.

    1. Rosi Efthim
  5. John Valentine

    I liked Josh in the beginning but not too happy now. We can do better but who is we and how much effort is “we” willing to put out. Remember he had the Bergen machine backing him.
    So who is the suggested replacement. I hear Freeholder Jason Sarnoski is considering running against Josh.


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