Gina Genovese

It was fitting that we chose Princeton as the site for an interview with independent gubernatorial candidate Gina Genovese. After all, the consolidation of Princeton Township and Princeton Borough in 2013 is a success story that is unfortunately all too rare in the annals of New Jersey history. One of the driving forces behind this merger and its concomitant savings of several million dollars of taxpayer money annually was Genovese, former Executive Director of Courage to Connect – an advocacy group that promotes the consolidation of the thousands of municipalities, school districts, fire districts, library districts and other government entities across the Garden State.

We spoke about successes and challenges as well as how an underdog independent might work within the political fiefdoms that plague New Jersey politics.

Uma Patla

Sidebar: Accompanying Genovese in Princeton today was Una Patla, a high school senior running “Teens for Gina.” While most high schoolers are not of voting age, Patla noted that this doesn’t mean that they have nothing to say. Issues important to young future voters include recycling, PARCC testing, and mental health. Teens who would like more information can contact Uma at

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