End of a Very Long Week News Roundup & Open Thread for Friday, August 18,2017

Looking for white supremacist merch? Apparently, Cherry Hill’s the place. Micetrap.


This is beyond being not-a-Washington-insider. Trump drives away most of his political friends.

The apple has fallen farther from the tree this time. James Murdoch, rebuking Trump, pledges $1 million to Anti-Defamation League.

Donald Trump’s Crisis of Legitimacy. Depressing essential reading at The New Yorkerby John Cassidy.

The Economist, which all Trump’s remaining biz friends, says Donald Trump has no grasp of what it means to be president.

New poll: 35% think Trump was accurate saying “both sides to blame” for Charlottesville.

Trump really, really, really wants to change the conversation right now. To this.

Watch Bonnie Watson Coleman & Jerry Nadler talk censure of the President. So many pull-out quotes!


”Micetrap” – A Cherry Hill man is a major distributor of white supremacy music and merchandise.

NJ has the 5th largest immigration case caseload in the U.S. The crackdown reaches into every county.

The vehicular terrorism in Barcelona and Charlottesville hits Bill Orr especially hard. Here’s why.

Real, fake news coverage in Charlottesville.

As Trump defends Confederate statues, Cory Booker wants them removed from the Capitol.

Remember that Trump’s unhinged news conference was supposed to be about infrastructure. But the way it works out that while he’s out bolstering Nazis, he just gutted federal flooding protections at the Shore – including our shore.

It’s about damn time. The Long Goodbye: State Board of Ed plans Newark exit strategy.

There’s a wide gap in owning homes between blacks and whites. Still.

Upgrades are coming: Feds award NJ $70M to improve wastewater and drinking water systems.

Quadruple dipping: Fourth public gig for this NJ Democrat boosts his pay to $273K.

In Bedminster yesterday, Trump again kept out of sight, but not off damn Twitter.

How you can make a difference in the lives of our elders: Nursing home volunteers play a large role in the state’s eldercare advocacy.

The latest report in the Voting Block project: This family in Woodland: Immigrant, Muslim and voting Republican in NJ elections.

Chris Christie’s pals keep getting rich/er off NJ: Here’s how much Chiesa’s firm’s been paid (so far) for taking over Atlantic City.

With Gov. Christie on vacay, which NJ Republicans showed up at Trump’s golf club to toast his new Italy ambassador?

Rep. Tom MacArthur just upgraded statement on Charlottesville. But it’s still not enough.

NJ.com’s reader poll: Should Trump be censured? Results have now flipped. You can still vote.

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  1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    This just popped up; very important reading:

    An Open Letter to Our Fellow Jews – by Michael Chabon at Medium


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