Campbell’s Soup: Mmm Mmm Bad till they drop Trump

Campbell’s CEO says she’s not going to resign. And that is Mmm Mmm Bad.

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Yesterday, NJ-based Merck quit President Trump’s American Manufacturing Council, followed within the first 24 hours by the CEOs of Under Armour, then Intel. You or I might rally in our neighborhoods, but corporate CEOs are Donald Trump’s homeboys-and-girls, people he respects as peers – many of whom are as successful in business as Donald Trump pretends he is. They leave, he feels it. After all, how’s he gonna #MAGA without them?

Two hours ago, Trump lost another one when Scott Paul of AAM bailed. This morning, Deciminyan asked about the other 2 Jersey CEOs on Trump’s Council. Now, we have an answer on one of them: Campbell’s, HQ’d in Camden. CEO Denise Morrison’s statement talked of about “bigotry and hate” – personal failings of somebody like James Alex Fields – and not about the fascist white supremacist movement that spawned him. Just like Trump himself, she didn’t call it what it is. And she’s sticking.

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(1) Call Campbell’s. If you agree, tell them you don’t like their company policy to keep helping a president who lets racism slide.
Campbell’s Camden HQ: (856) 342-4800 or 800-257-8443 (CEO Denise Morrison)

(2) As of the last hour, the other NJ-based company, Johnson & Johnson is still listed with Trump’s Council. Their number:
Johnson & Johnson New Brunswick HQ: (732) 524-0400 (CEO Alex Gorsky – so far, not talking)

Extra stuff to know, all good: These are not the first defections off Trump’s American Manufacturing Council. Others have left for cause. Elon Musk (Tesla) and Bob Iger (Disney) left when Trump pulled us out of the Paris Climate Agreement. And Uber’s chief left when his employees asked him to, after Trump’s Muslim Ban.








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