Blue Jersey, in Insider NJ’s 2017 Media Power List

So, I made it onto a little list; Insider NJ’s 2017 Media Power List, splitting #56 with my Joey Novick, who actually never looks that glum in real life:


I like and respect quite a number of people on that list, so it’s an honor to be in that company. Thank, Max Pizarro.

But a couple teensy biographical corrections. I am not the founding editor of Blue Jersey. That’s Juan Melli; the Blogfather. Juan was a Princeton PhD candidate in mechanical engineering when he started Blue Jersey. BJ grew out of our activist work at Democracy for America (DFA); Juan was the Mercer leader and I ran Hunterdon. Both of us had done some writing both in Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential campaign blog and in the gutsy little campaign blog attached to Jon Corzine’s 2005 campaign for governor, started by Matt Stoller (this guythis guy), the first gubernatorial campaign blog, if I recall right, in America. Juan and I were buddies. When Juan and a dozen Princeton friends launched Filibuster Frist – the 384-hour campus filibuster that ended with a 24-hour filibuster outside the U.S. Capitol (Mother Jones’ Protest of the Year) – I helped get them to D.C. (they didn’t need much help, they were already national news).

One day I got a call from Juan: I’m starting this blog, you have to write for it. Please. I didn’t know what I was getting into, but that’s how much I trusted Juan. I am Blue Jersey User #5. And I took over as editor, from Juan, in 2009 when Corzine tapped him to run part of his re-election communications shop. Lots of amazing Blue Jersey writers since then, and more to come, and our writers are all progressive advocates, organizers, agitators, hell-raisers, electeds, or policy people. Or some combo package therein.

Blue Jersey has its 12th birthday 4 weeks from today. 




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