Why Trump issued a ban on transgender people in the military

Trump’s action disrespects the thousands of transgender people in our armed forces who serve us well and with pride. His order came in tweets without a plan in place to implement it. However, he has devious reasons.

One reason could be to please his base. However, Trump fans are concerned about jobs and have given little or no thought about transgenders in the armed services.

A reason he cited is that it will cost too much. A reputable study shows that transgender medical costs are fairly negligible for the cash-flush Pentagon. The military spends five times as much on Viagra as it would on transgender troops’ medical care.

A standard reason why he has done this: He is mean, and he can do it.

A devious, but realistic reason he has done this has to do with the 2018 Armed Services Budget and Trump’s monomaniacal desire to build the Mexican border wall. Money for the wall is in the military budget. Some conservative legislators oppose transgenders in the armed services and are showing resistance against approving the budget. Others are not enthusiastic about the wall. Thus, all of a sudden, with no sense of guilt or impropriety, he sacrifices transgenders with the expectation of funds for his phantasy wall and inflated military budget. The man lacks decency and a conscience.

For Trump a tweet is a directive. However, the joint chiefs of staff chairman says transgender policy remains unchanged for now and awaits clarification.

Let’s hope that protests and legal action will result in rescinding his order.

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