Weekend News Roundup for Monday, July 17, 2017


Christie says everything he did on the statehouse renovation was legal. AP has documents that show the Christie administration put out an RFP for a finance company to sell bonds for the rehab months before he got approval. Christie’s actions even drew ire from Leonard Lance.

White House panel on addiction chaired by Christie needs more time to produce a draft report, which was to be ready for today, pushed back 2 weeks

Christie backs Trump’s Muslim travel ban, saying employees at Port Authority-run airports – Newark, JFK, La Guardia – cannot sidestep Trump’s ban

Not so fast say ex-Govs on the proposal to sell Christie’s beach house (The Auditor)


Are you reading NJ Spotlight? They are consistently delivering a fresh and interactive brand of journalism. Here, they supply answers to questions about NJ’s water that readers have submitted

Push to find funding for local journalismwhile Trenton is ‘out of town’


It was a cheesy horror movie yesterday in Ramsey, when a beekeeper’s beehive went rogue, became aggressive and swarmed part of the town. Residents were sheltered in place, after the bees swarmed, attacked the beekeepers and stung police. Hive’s now far removed, some bees may remain.

Margate officials will suspend without pay any city employees indicted as a result of an alleged federal investigation into employees’ health benefits

The Voting Block project visits Long Valley: And finds people polarized and dug in, and sometimes avoiding talking politics with family


Trump’s approval rating drops to 36%, lowest at the 6-month mark of any president in 70 years. Republicans are still sticking to him – 82%, and his number’s still expectably low among Dems – 11%. What may matter most here is the independents – only 32% approve. More men than women like Trump, suburban people more than urban, and older people more than younger.

Breathe easier, New Jersey. Trump is out of here, the U.S. Women’s Open over, his golfy weekend at his club done, smiling, waving, ignoring the protests, and the people lined up outside his glassy presidential ‘skybox’ wearing shirts that say DUMP SEXIST TRUMP.

Anti-Trump protesters were attacked nearby the Trump golf course this weekend, by Oath Keepers and other Trump supporters, some of whom were not local or even New Jersey

Members of the anti-sexism group UltraViolet stand in front of Trump’s presidential ‘skybox’ as Trump enjoys the support of fans as his Bedminster golf club hosts the U.S. Women’s Open. PHOTO: John Munson/NJ Advance Media for NJ.com

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  1. ken bank

    He’s BAAA-CK!! Looks like a real slobberknocker is shaping up for CD5: https://www.insidernj.com/lonegan-mulls-cd5-run-lot-think/

  2. Rosi Efthim

    “Slobberknocker.” LOL.


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