We Shouldn’t Need Proof The American Dream is Still Achievable

I saw this headline in Politico today and it gobsmacked me.

Guadagno running mate Rendo says he’s proof American dream still possible

We shouldn’t need proof that it’s still possible to move here from another country or be born to poor circumstances and rise up to the middle class.  That we need proof is an indication that the American Dream — a home, a job and a better life for your kids — is still possible is an indication that for so many it is not possible.  That income inequality and the austerity policies of the GOP and, sadly, corporate Dems of the past 30 years have drained the life from the Dream and made it just a dream.

Good for you, Rendo, that you were able to rise from poor immigrant to Lieutenant Governor candidate. Maybe you can convince your party to stop stepping on everyone else’s chance.

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