Time for Some Fight Back in New Jersey: Mobilization schedule to fight the Shutdown

Below is a the beginning of a plan to call out Democratic legislators who continue to abstain on the budget, and who are putting a faction inside the Democratic Party over doing what is right for the public good. I should tell you that much of the heavy lifting in this protest will be done by NJ state employees; and in fact the plan comes from CWA’s Hetty Rosenstein. I would urge you to join them both in calls and in direct action.

I want to say something else. I’ve seen, mostly in small Facebook skirmishes, some disagreement between state workers and other folks over who is  hurt worse by the shutdown, state employees insisting the impact on them is greater. It is, in most cases. This threatens people’s paycheck, their ability to keep their family fed. You know Christie enjoys putting the hurt on union labor. But I just want to say that this shutdown hurts everybody, and we don’t always know that about each other. There’s nothing Christie and his Democratic enablers want more than all of us fighting with each other instead of focusing our anger on them, where it belongs. Below, some ways to fight back. If you’ve got others, let us know in the comments.

Mobilization schedule to fight the Shutdown

1. Immediately and every day – call/email/text/tweet all abstainers and no votes and demand that they vote yes on the budget!
2. We need as many people as possible to go to the following locations on Wednesday between 10 a.m.-12 noon to picket. We will put together the picket captain list and send it out shortly. Here are the locations:
Atlantic County: Office of Vince Mazzeo, 507 Tilton Rd, Northfield
Bergen County: Office of Gordon Johnson, 545 Cedar Lane, Teaneck
Burlington County: Office of Herb Conaway, 8008 Rt 130 N, Building C, Delran; Office of Troy Singleton, 400 N Church St, Moorestown
Camden: Office of Lou Greenwald and Pam Lampitt, 1101 Laurel Oak Rd, Voorhees
Essex: Office of Eliana Pintor Marin, 263 Lafayette St, Newark
Gloucester: Office of Steve Sweeney, 935 Kings Highway, West Deptford
Middlesex: Office of Craig Coughlin, 569 Rahway Ave, Woodbridge
Monmouth: Office of Joann Downey and Eric Houghtaling, 35 West Main St, Freehold
Union: Office of Jerry Green, 200 W 2nd St, Plainfield

3. We will add to these Locations Thursday and put that out shortly.
4. There will be a Rally at the State House at 10 a.m. on Friday.

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