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Bumped from last night because this is a great post you might have missed because of the holiday. – Rosi

I don’t know why I find this funny, but there’s something compelling about Horizon BCBS’s tweet last night that reported Horizon CEO Bob Marino’s thanks to @VinnyPrieto “and the broad coalition of partners who stood up for our 3.8M policyholders.”

Problem is, the Assembly Speaker’s Twitter handle is @VincentPrieto. @VinnyPrieto is one Marcos Vinicius and appears to have nothing to do with New Jersey (or New Jersey politics, for that matter).

I think it’s probably funny because this whole shutdown and the sordid backstory and relationship with George Norcross that led to yet another deal between the South Jersey powerbroker and the governor  is largely unknown to the public but has a very public fallout. And while it appears Christie did not even come close to coming out on top, with a bill that prevents the state to use any of the insurance giant’s surplus, I think part of the governor’s goal was achieved.

  • He shut down the government, pulling Democrats, once again, into a mess that wasn’t necessarily theirs.
  • He made average voters even more cynical about government than they already were and brought Democrats along for the ride.
  • He gave us a long, cold look at what a politician who never had any fu*ks to give looks like when he and his family took to Island Beach State Park to enjoy the governor’s summer residence. That was among the most brazen public acts I can recall ever seeing when he looked right into the lens while the government was at a forced standstill over an issue that no one understood.
  • Like his political protege, Donald Trump, Chris Christie continues to fulfill his goal of making people have even more contempt in the media, the government and public institutions as a means of undoing government.
  • He claims he forced a discussion about Horizon, an “industry behemoth,” he said. Horizon, it should be noted, is the only company to participate in the federal marketplace established by the Affordable Care Act.

I think in this respect, @VinnyPrieto—just another guy on Twitter—is just as meaningful to the average New Jersey voter than any of the other nonsense that gets in the way of the government functioning. So while we should thank Speaker Prieto for standing firm, let’s remember Horizon’s accidental shout-out to Marcos Vinicius.

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