Robert Reich Walks You Through the Impeachment Process

Robert Reich has been suggesting that President Donald Trump is careening towards impeachment for months now. Today, the Berkeley professor walks you through how impeachment works; the history, the rarity, the steps. I’m flagging it for you, because it’s as New Jersey as anywhere else, it’s what people are talking about, even those who think Trump’s short time White House tenure has been such a staggering load of disasters that he should be impeached for the sheer weight of it.

That’s not how this works. He’ll get into that.

On impeachment I’m leery; Don’t count your chickens. It requires a interested Congress feeling prosecutorial; and this Congress may privately abhor the damage Trump is doing to country and party (or party and country), but publicly the majority defends him as they busy themselves to enact his campaign promises. Revelations of the last 48 hours may shift perception, maybe even events (maybe, maybe). Though, I’d caution you to remember that Junior and Jared’s misdeeds may not track legally to the president. Presidents, like New Jersey governors, have greater means to insulate themselves from prosecution.

Reich is someone I hope you’re following (Facebook/Twitter). He uses Facebook Live – his “office hours” – to talk frankly about how things work – whether the ‘Resistance’ or the Koch Brothers. A vet of both Ford and Carter administrations, he was Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Labor. Bone-deep progressive, and with a driving interest in an economy for the public good, the last few years he’s been liberated from government work and doing some of his best work teaching – not only on the Berkeley campus, but explaining, and encouraging the rest of us to use the system we’ve got for the best, most equitable, most inspiring country we can get. I love the guy.

A postscript from me, below after the video.

PS – Democracy for America (DFA), an org I both trust and rep, urges we put public pressure on both Rs and Ds. Others have, too. I hope you will discuss the impeachment question in your groups, and I’d be very interested in what you think, and how you think we all should proceed. – Rosi


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