Quote of the Day: “Douchebag”

This afternoon Charlie Stile was a call-in guest on Curtis Sliwa’s drive-time show on 77 WABC Radio. Sliwa called Charlie at Yankee Stadium, where he happened to be today, to talk about Chris Christie’s spectacular public relations bellyflop on the beach. Charlie walked Sliwa through the complexities of the (completely ridiculous) birthing of the 2018 State Budget and what that did and did not have to do with Horizon. One thing Charlie said is that Christie’s 15% approval rating shows he doesn’t care about the bad optics of soaking up sun on a beach his michigas kept us off of, then getting caught in a lie about it. I’d disagree on just that one point of Charlie’s. That 15% approval rating shows that we don’t care about him. A small distinction, but I wonder if Christie’s failed muscle flex will drive him down into the single-digits. What do you think – will it?

But back to the Quote of the Day, which goes not to Charlie (sorry Charlie) but to another radio outlet, New Jersey 101.5, Jeff Deminski who managed to call Chris Christie not only a douchebag but king of the douchebags (headline above) but also, well …

“Chris Christie is a disrespectful maggot and I am so sorry I voted for him. Enjoy your 15% approval rating, pal. You sure as hell earned it.”

I should be enjoying this more than I am.



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  1. Joe

    77 WABC Radio went far right wing a long time ago. It banished moderate and liberalish talkers ages ago. NJ 101.5 is an anti-union mostly right wing crude vulgar garbage station that gave plenty of air time and air support to the bloviator-in-chief. I have no sympathy for these stations. There is nothing fair and balanced about their format. They don’t inform, they propagandize.

    1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

      Agree. WABC is the Former flagship station of Rush “Dwindling Stations” Limbaugh. 101.5 I hardly ever listen to, though I know many for whom it is their drive-time default station in the car.

  2. Joe

    By bloviator-in-chief, I meant Christie but the term also applies to Trump.

  3. Dennis C. McGrath

    Charlie would NEVER say douchebag.

    On air.

    1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

      Dennis, I cannot like this comment more.


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