News Roundup & Open Thread – Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Twenty-three years ago today, a mentally ill person using semi-automatic weapons killed 22 people and injured 19 at a McDonald’s in Southern California. And we have still not made any significant progress in gun safety.

Senator Cory Booker on the upper house’s failure to garner enough votes to deny health care to millions of Americans:

“We owe tonight’s victory of compassion and good policy over the latest Republican attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act to countless ordinary Americans who made an extraordinary effort to speak up and speak out against a craven attempt to leave millions of Americans without coverage and millions more with higher cost, lower quality insurance.

“President Trump and Congressional Republicans must once and for all abandon their efforts to repeal and sabotage the Affordable Care Act. Until they do, we’re not out of the woods. Every American must remain vigilant against further efforts to attack and undermine the life-saving progress made thanks to the Affordable Care Act, and demand that Republicans work in a good faith, bipartisan manner to reduce the cost of, expand access to, and improve the quality of health care for all Americans.”

Inky’s Kevin Riordan suggests a title for the movie based on the exploits of two Livingston High School classmates.

We’re Number 50! New Jersey ranks last among all the states in terms of fiscal health. Thanks, Chris!

Do you want to buy the beach house that Christie abused? It’s not that simple to sell it.

Christie says it’s probably illegal to get opposition research from a foreign entity, but he still defends his patron Trump.

Living near a ticking time bomb. If you live in or near Ocean or Salem Counties, or near any of the hundred or so nukes in the U.S., you’re living near a ticking time bomb. Replacing Oyster Creek with a natural gas plant, as currently envisioned, increases your risk substantially.

Ocean County Sierra Club leader is missing. Greg Auriemma, head of the Ocean County Sierra Club has not been seen for several weeks. He was on a hiking trip in New Hampshire.

Camden Crime is down.

Camden’s Charter Schools accused of underhanded enrollment practices.

Feds looking into potential abuse of health benefits in Margate and Atlantic City.

Don’t drink the water if you go to Flint, a third-world country, or to a New Jersey school.

Tom MacArthur’s Kellyanne Conway starts the negative campaigning early after potential challenger Andy Kim posts a video of his new baby. (Congratulations to the Kim family on their new son!)

Congressman Norcross wants to tie an increase in the minimum wage to some of Trump’s initiatives.

New Jersey Fantasy Sports: As reported by a Vegas newspaper.

Destination Flemington: The Hunterdon County community rolls out a campaign to “Make Flemington Cool Again.” I think having Rosi there makes it pretty cool already!

Camden’s Campbell’s Soup joins the “America Firsters” at a White House exhibit of “Made in America” Products (Don’t expect to see Ivanka’s schlock there)

(Featured Photo: Baby duck from a promotional video for the Burlington County Farm Fair which opens today. Because this baby duck is the best thing you’ll see in today’s Roundup)

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