News Roundup and Open Thread for Friday, July 7, 2017

Good morning, Blue Jersey Fam!

I get it. Political parties aren’t supposed to be hip. Their job is to raise money and win elections. But when did Democrats become the 21 Jump Street narco that kind of creeped around the kids trying to figure out what was going on but never really understood?

A fundraising email sent out this week showed that the Democrats are toying with a 2018 campaign that may lack, well, the metaphorical hipness necessary to win elections.

Full disclosure: I did not receive the email, and I can’t seem to source it from the DCCC, but here’s what’s gotten people itchy:

And all I can think of is this:

Here come the postmortems

It took a few days but the reporters at “NJ Advance Media for” compiled a sordid tale of “Egos, revenge & secret deals” that culminated in the state government shutdown last week. Of course, we knew what it’s all about: the Assembly speakership, an addiction treatment initiative that would have been far more admirable if proposed in 2010, rather than when the governor was on his way out the door, and other things that voters didn’t quite understand. What they did understand, though, was seeing the governor sitting on the beach that he closed.

Optics are everything, sometimes.

Hooray for PR

Kudos to Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Kevin McArdle, Tom Wilson, Bill Castner, et al, for a truly inspiring PR pushback against any attempt to hijack the state budget in order to tap into the insurance titan’s surplus. They got everyone on board, and they won bigly.

Getta room, Trump!

Or not. Apparently the White House was unable to find a ritzy Hamburg hotel to host the hotel mogul. Maybe he’ll build one there, ’cause that’s ethical, right?

People buy the darndest crap!

People lined up in Atlantic City for the liquidation sale at Trump’s Taj Mahal to buy gaudy household items. I guess they did it so they can remember what a disaster a gambling-based economy looks like? Get your lamentable artifact now!

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