Looks like there’s a deal on the 2018 State Budget – and Horizon

Is it the beginning of the end? Or the end of the beginning? We hear there’s a deal to solidify a 2018 New Jersey Budget and deal with the roadblock Gov. Christie has placed in the way, his personal beef with Horizon.

The NJ Legislature’s media page is already open and streaming the Assembly session – watch here – but there is no action yet on the floor, just pre-session milling around. Speaker Prieto plans to call the Assembly to order tonight at 9pm <UPDATE: May not happen until 10 PM>, though in both houses the action usually starts later than planned.  And there’s a lot riding on tonight, including the self-sullied reputation of a governor beaching himself in his glory, and the future of key legislative players, particularly Prieto and Senate President Steve Sweeney. The Senate is currently scheduled to meet for a voting session 9pm tonight. Delays on both sessions would not be surprising [refresh the Legislature’s media page often; it won’t update on its own].

Here are part of the details, via InsiderNJ:

“I’ve instructed my staff to start doing some drafting,” said Prieto, without giving specifics.
A source close to the negotiations said the bill would follow the Pennsylvania model.
Two board seats would feature one selected by the speaker and one by the senate president.
The bill will contain a floor and ceiling of Horizon reserve money that the state can tap.

I’ll update when I have more, though I may be on the road when this all goes down late tonight. Here again, the Legislature’s media page.


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