Andy Warhol never met Geoff Ginter

In 1968, artist Andy Warhol postulated, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” Well, New Jersey’s Geoff Ginter has proved Warhol wrong.

About a month ago, at a Town Hall in Willingboro, Ginter excoriated Congressman Tom MacArthur for TMac’s blind fealty to Donald Trump’s destruction of our slowly-improving medical coverage system. The video went viral and was shown over and over again not just on American media outlets, but all over the world.

Ginter, a medical assistant from Pine Beach, has not given up on his advocacy for a single-payer system that leaves no American uncovered. He spoke before a crowd of over 100 citizens last night at a “Country Before Party” rally in front of MacArthur’s Marlton office.

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