What’s Wrong With This Picture?

CLUES: Paint on the street, license plate.

Can you find the two mistakes Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli made parking this lovely Mustang in front of his campaign office, replete with red white and blue balloons, Jack for Governor magnets, and the onlooking Ronald Reagan standup?

CLUES: Paint on the street, license plate.Hints are in the alt-tag.

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  1. Bill Orr

    PA license plate for him running in a NJ race. If he is a NJ resident, after something like 90 days, he is required to register his car in NJ. And it looks like he is parked illegally.

    1. vmars (Post author)

      Well, darn. That was quick.

  2. Carvednstonedem

    I’m pretty sure that’s a Camaro not a mustang

  3. Dennis C. McGrath

    well, it’s a lovely Camaro, actually …


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