This Weekend: Trumpcare, Reparations, Cookout, Plug In

A little more than an hour ago, a fifth GOP senator – Dean Heller of Nevada – came out against the bill, joining Ted Cruz (TX), Ron Johnson (WI),  Rand Paul (KY) &  Mike Lee (UT). Don’t rely on these 5 to move in lockstep, or even to remain opposed; they don’t all have the same reasons. There is powerful arm-twisting going on the next week. The Republicans have been operating in secret, they’re capable of creating a fog of bullshit around their strategy.

This is a tense weekend for a lot of people, across the country and in New Jersey where New Jersey Policy Perspective reports 540,000 of us will lose coverage under the Republicans’ plan to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. McConnell is looking to close this deal inside next week, giving us little time to mobilize. Even Trump calls the GOP’s plan “mean” andtold the Australian Prime Minister his country’s healthcare system is better than ours (Australia has universal healthcare). There is not much time, and what’s important is that everybody show up. We have Democratic senators; they’re on our side – but you can thank them [Booker – Newark (973) 639-8700 & Camden (856) 338-8922] and [Menendez – Newark (973) 645- 3030 & Barrington (856) 757-5353]. There’s more you can do – here’s a good place to start.

Here are three more opportunities this weekend to be with the best people in New Jersey

Reparations March
When: Tomorrow, Saturday June 24. – March begins 12 Noon. Rally after the March, back at the starting place
Hosts: People’s Organization for Progress (POP)
Where: March begins at the Lincoln Statue in Newark, in the triangle where West Market St, Springfield Ave & Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Blvd all meet
For GPS: Lincoln Statue is in front of the historic Essex County Courthouse – 470 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Blvd in Newark
Why: Larry Hamm, Chair of POP: “The purpose of the march is to make public our demand that African Americans receive reparations for the damage done to us by slavery and the related forms of racial oppression, exploitation, discrimination,  injustice and violence stemming from it. We are also marching to demand that Congress ratify H.R. 40, The Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans, a bill sponsored by Rep. John Conyers.
To New Jersey Congressional Delegation & NJ State Legislature & local electeds: POP wants congressional representatives from New Jersey to become co-sponsors of the bill. The group would like to see a similar bill passed by the New Jersey State Legislature, and supporting resolutions passed by county freeholder boards and municipal councils because slavery existed in this state. Hamm: “Passage of H.R. 40 would be a major and meaningful first step toward reparations for African Americans in the United States.”
More info: Contact POP 973 801-0001

Resistance Summer Cookout New Jersey Working Families Roadmap for Progressive Change Summit
When: Tomorrow Saturday June 24 – 12 noon -3pm
Where: Ten Eyck Park (1005 Route 28, Branchburg)
Why: Relax, rejuvenate, celebrate. The Resistance Summer Community Cookouts are an opportunity for a range of local and national partner groups in the Resistance to come together with friends old and new. We’ll build our relationships and celebrate the diversity that makes us stronger. Goal is to encourage taking care of ourselves and each other, to celebrate all we’ve achieved, and to enjoy ourselves!
RSVP & more info

New Jersey Working Families Roadmap for Progressive Change Summit
When: Sunday, June 25 – 11am-2pm
Where: Rutgers University Labor Education Center, 50 Labor Center Way in New Brunswick
Keynote: Phil Murphy
Why: A lot of us have been consumed by the chaos and destruction of the Trump Administration. This is a chance to connect up with NJ-based advocates working on a recovery plan after the Christie administration, as work goes on in many areas at once – including economic justice, housing, education, transportation. This is to talk about how to implement the Working Families Platform and about upcoming lobby days, town halls and other ways your presence is very much needed.
More about it: RSVP here. Read about the platform process. Read the platform.




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