Samantha Bee (and a New Hampshire Girl Scout) talk the harm that too-young marriage does girls. And Bee throws serious shade at Chris Christie & Mike Doherty in NJ.

From late last week, Samantha Bee talks about the lunacy of failing to protect children from being forced to get married (read: girls married off to adult men). First of all, Girl Scouts are awesome (sorry Boy Scouts, you’re not this fierce). Also, ALL OF THIS. She makes a real case here, and it’s  not possible to watch the arguments made by this practice’s defenders without wanting to SMASH SOMETHING.

Like patriarchy, for example. You’re wondering why I’m posting this despite this awful way to treat girls is found in so many places? Ah, because the NJ Legislature already passed a bill banning marriage under age 18 – without exception – back in March. It would have made history; it would have been the first such law in all 50 states. Of course, Christie vetoed it. Conditionally, taking the guts out of it. And now, advocates for the lives of girls are pushing the Legislature to override Christie’s veto.

Back to Samantha Bee. Here’s her whole segment. It’s all great, 7 minutes, but if your time is short, skip to the 3 minute mark. She skewers both Chris Christie and Senator Mike Doherty (Mike, what is WRONG with you, is an really abortion more important to you than a girl’s life?). SMDH:


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