Resistance Sunday: Protest Donald Trump & Tom MacArthur at the same time

We’ve seen Tom MacArthur move up in the world, at least the world he wants to rise in. He was, till he blew it with them, a co-chair of the Tuesday Group of House Republicans who call themselves the ‘moderates’ (they’re not). But most importantly, he got his name on an amendment to the GOP’s ACA-takedown bill, the AHCA, an amendment that made it a worse piece of legislation but helped it move with the House GOP’s “Freedom Caucus,” the hard-right caucus that makes no pretense of centrist thought. Now, for his sacrifice (losing the Tuesday Group leadership was a blow) Donald Trump is hosting Rep. MacArthur at his Bedminster golf joint, potentially raising him millions to keep the seat red. The Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster is the very same Trump property that costs taxpayers big every visit (while beefing up Trump’s own bank accounts), the same Trump property protesters have been driving by in a Saturday morning People’s Motorcade for weeks.

This Sunday, though, is an opportunity to let both Trump and MacArthur know what we think of their effort to leave 23 million of Americans uninsured (CBO score) and make it harder to survive if you’re older or sicker. We’re talking People’s Motorcades plural plus marches, launching from 3 locations Sunday afternoon. Details below. Let’s make this bigly. Please share this post & the leaflet below. 

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