Quote of the Day: Pride Month at the Beach

From Belmar mayor Matt Doherty, via his Facebook:

We recently received a message from someone driving in Belmar who saw our Route 35 sign that shows a rainbow flag and says: Gay Pride, Belmar NJ, (for the month of June). This individual stated the following: “We were very upset to see a “Gay Pride” message on the LED sign board at the Marina on RT 35. This is a very anti-family message that being projected by Belmar.” Clearly he does not understand what “family” means in our diverse community. I personally have married several same sex couples and know several with children who are loving and kind families. Intolerance like his has no place in Belmar.

Much thanks to Christian Fuscarino at Garden State Equality, who produced a photo about 42 seconds after asked for one.

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