It’s official: Former White House national security official Andy Kim will run against MacArthur in CD3

Andy Kim is in. IN. Just last year, Josh Gottheimer, another Dem who had the White House in his resume, flipped CD5 off Scott Garrett. Can Jersey do this twice?

Rep. MacArthur’s name now tied to the Republicans’ AHCA makes him more visible, more a target, and easy to raise money to defeat him. But at the same time, all those factors may make him a higher priority for his party to save, especially for Trump (who has already started raising for him) and for Paul Ryan, because MacArthur’s amendment to AHCA made the bill worse but helped get it through the House, saving face for the Speaker.

Deciminyan introduced y’all to Andy Kim last month. Watch. And I’m sure Deci, who dwells in CD3, will have more on this as the Kim campaign gains speed.

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  1. ken bank

    This is good news. Andy Kim is the ideal candidate for CD3, which leans moderate to conservative, especially among independent voters. His background in national defense and homeland security is a perfect fit for CD3 where national security is the number one issue, especially for veterans and military families who dominate the district and stress the importance of the joint base. Progressives shouldn’t delude themselves into thinking that Obamacare will decide the election in this district. Defense, national security, military and veterans affairs are the issues that will matter most, and any Democrat who does not understand this and runs for Congress does so at their own peril. Hopefully, Andy Kim will borrow Josh Gottheimer’s playbook and act accordingly.


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