Cory Booker on AHCA: “I want to communicate a sense of urgency”

We don’t always agree on every issue with our junior senator, and there are issues on which we wish he used his capable voice differently. But there are also issues of strong agreement, and even his harshest critics recognize how effective he can be at reaching the hearts and minds of the electorate. Our ally Joyce Leftly, a member of Progressive Hunterdon Democrats who is very active in all our local resistance groups, just had a productive convo with staff at his office. Among other things, they asked about our local Assembly races and Joyce was able to tell them how hard LD-23 Dems Laura Shaw and Christine Liu Chen are running for Assembly and Senate respectfully in a very uphill race – and of course about our physicist-educator Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker, whose LD-16 seat we must hold as a Dem priority.

Booker’s staff – she also called Sen. Menendez’ office – told Joyce he’s focused on Senate Republicans attempt to push through the AHCA, with action expected as early as days from now. Here is the first of the daily videos Cory’s doing, meant to update people on fast-moving news but also to let constituents know how to fight it. Across New Jersey, poured energy into holding off a House action, but they passed reprehensible bill anyway (thanks in large part to MacArthur). This is Cory Booker on what may happen next, as he keeps watch on his evasive Republican colleagues.
What do you think, Blue Jersey? 

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