Watch Live: Cory Booker and Senate Dems on Senate Floor gear up to fight Republican healthcare bill

Cory Booker shared the U.S. Senate Democrats’ post:

Starting this evening Democrats will begin objecting to all unanimous consent requests in the Senate, save for honorary resolutions. We will seek — in as many ways as we can, as many times as we can — to refer the House-passed healthcare bill to committee, where it can be vetted, debated, and amended in the open for the American people to see, as is their right. And tonight, Democrats will hold the floor late into the evening in a series of speeches to highlight just how unprecedented this process is. If Republicans are not going to allow debate on their bill on the floor or in committee, Democrats will make opportunities to debate. We hope you’ll stay with us.

If you can’t hear the sound here, we have it at Blue Jersey’s Facebook.

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