Verizon To Finally Offer 20th Century Service to South Jersey

Verizon Is Still Upgrading COPPER!

Bumping this, because it got torpedoed by Deciminyan’s News Roundup posted two minutes later – Rosi

There is a digital divide in the United States, where more densely populated urban areas that are cheaper to build out get fiber optics and high 4G wireless while less populated (and less wealthy) rural areas get crappy land lines, dial-up Internet and — if they’re lucky — DSL.

This is not comparing New York City to Nebraska, but North Jersey to South Jersey.

But now, finally, after a BPU complaint and protests and threatened lawsuits by more than a dozen towns, Verizon has promised to give Cumberland County less crappy service!

A copy of the settlement obtained by WHYY requires the telecom company to identify, repair, or replace faulty copper cables and run daily tests of its infrastructure. It also agreed to install new equipment that will ease DSL congestion in areas with high demand and monitor Internet speeds there monthly.

That’s right! Cumberland County is going to get copper lines from the 40s and DSL from the 80s!  What a breakthrough!

Now, if this is happening in New Jersey — one of the most densely populated (yes, even in the South we are pretty densely populated compared to much of the country) and richest states — imagine how bad it must be away from the coasts?

In the 21st Century high-speed Internet access is as much a vital utility as phone service was in the 30s when the federal government required phone companies to use their profits to give good service to every American outpost. It’s time for this country to require privileged corporations with government created monopolies to serve everyone equally, and charge them equally.

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