UPDATED: Linda Weber, CD7 Democrat running to challenge Leonard Lance, on MSNBC’s Joy Reid today

UPDATED: “Does the path back to power lead from New Jersey?” That was Joy Reid on MSNBC minutes ago, discussing the challenge facing Democrats, who need to pick up 24 seats in 2018 to flip the House. She was setting up the first in a series on her show, focusing on regaining Democratic control in the House. Her first one-on-one was with Linda Weber. Many folks don’t know what we here have known for some time, that Linda – the intelligent and capable person our Jersey Jazzman was lucky enough to marry – is running as a Democrat for the shot to challenge CD7’s Leonard Lance in 2018. She is well-positioned to do just that.

We expect to post video of this interview later on, but among highlights, Joy Reid asked Linda what she would do if she was in the House right now, would she vote to impeach Donald Trump? “Absolutely, 100%.” Linda talked about some of her issues, which include standing behind a $15 minimum wage and debt-free state and community college. She did very well, looking past Leonard Lance’s no vote on the AHCA. And that – like a clearly-stated position on Trump – is going to be important for the Democratic challengers, who like Linda are going to be getting a lot of national attention.  – Rosi

Today at 11:45 on  MSNBC a Blue Jersey family member will be making a significant announcement, and you can be a witness!

Just turn on your TV, shift to the “liberal” cable news channel, and enjoy the start to retaking the federal government with rational, reasonable people.

And, no, not being hyperbolic.

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