Trump Administration Breaks Apart New Jersey Family

A Metuchen resident, a 16-year New Jersey resident, husband, and father of a citizen 13-year-old, was deported to his native Indonesia yesterday. It the latest tragedy stemming from the Trump administration, which has made it a priority to remove otherwise law-abiding undocumented immigrants.

Like so many others without a criminal record, the man, Arino Massie, had been previously allowed to remain in the country as long as he periodically checked in with immigration officials.

Until yesterday, Massie had been one of four Indonesian immigrants held at the Elizabeth Detention Center since last week. Massie was held by ICE after he had his routine check-in with immigration officials in Newark.

According to, the three other men—Rovani Wangko, Saul Timisela and Oldy Manopo—remain in custody.

Rep. Frank Pallone, a vocal opponent of the administration’s immigration actions, voiced his dismay following Massie’s deportation, recognizing that Indonesian men face persecution at home.

[These] men faced deportation to a country with “a record of persecuting religious minorities for practicing their beliefs.”


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