Republican Congressmen Had Fun Voting to Take Down the ACA

We have this account from The Hill of what went down Thursday morning before the House vote to take down Obamacare. A “pep rally” Republicans staged in the Capitol basement for themselves. This is what it takes for the GOP to get it up to take away health care for millions of people:

They played the theme from Rocky as they walked into the room …
… They projected a photo of General George S. Patton on a big screen …
… They recited the General’s fighting words …
… Rep. Ann Wagner, who has a nearly 100% Trump score, yelled FREEDOM!” from Braveheart
… Rep Martha McSally, whose AZ district voted for Clinton like my congressman Leonard Lance’s district did, said “Let’s get this f–king thing done!”
… And Speaker Paul Ryan thanked his key players, including Rep. Tom MacArthur.

Asked on the way in to vote if they’d actually read the bill, some Republicans declined to answer. Michele Bachman, who warned Obamacare would “literally” kill people. was welcomed onto the House floor. After, there was a big beer party on the White House lawn, as they yukked it up with Trump and high-fived each other.

Don’t forget any of this.

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