Progressive Democrats for Cherry Hill

Just a stone’s throw from Camden, one of America’s most distressed towns, lies Cherry Hill – an affluent suburb of Philadelphia and home to the South Jersey Democratic political machine. For all intents and purposes, it is a one-party town, run by Democrats who generally tow the party line.

Frederick Dande (right), PDCH (LD-6) candidate for Assembly with Dr. Jennifer Chuang, LD-7 candidate for Assembly

Now, a group of progressive activists is trying to change that. They put up a slate of challengers for the local elections, including seats in the Assembly, Camden County Freeholder Board and on the Democratic committee

Recently, I spoke with Debra Lonsdale, one of the Freeholder candidates and with Susan Druckenbrod and Kristen Affrime who are running for seats on the County Committee. They spoke about issues both very localized, and national issues. We talked about zoning, open government, recycling, and the Norcross machine. But the interview starts and ends with the GOP elephant in the room – Tom MacArthur – who does not even represent their district. Yet MacArthur’s almost single-handed resurrection of the draconian TrumpCare legislation from the ash heap of Congress does not know district boundaries and is of great concern to this group. Watch the whole video for a cameo appearance near the end.


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