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Several times a week, my friend Hetty Rosenstein compiles a Resistance Calendar to Facebook, which we usually post here. This morning, I absolutely love the way my firebrand sister kicked it off, so I had to share it with you (slightly edited). Day Without Immigrants and May Day events are also below, along with Resistance events for this week.

May Day again!
Into the streets May First!
Into the roaring Square!
Shake the midtown towers!
Shatter the downtown air!
– Alfred Hayes, 1934 (the full poem was set to music by Aaron Copland (but here is a YouTube of a man singing it)

Quoting Hetty: Today is May Day – International Workers’ Rights Day, commemorating the fight of a largely immigrant work force in Chicago fighting for the 8 hour day. It is celebrated in 80 countries. Please go to an Immigrants Rights Rally today. Undocumented immigrants remain unprotected at work, and are now threatened with having their families ripped apart. [Hetty will] be at Liberty State Park where we declare that we are Here to Stay in sight of Lady Liberty

We have come through 100 days – but disaster is around the corner. Our Washington contacts tell us that the Republicans are within single digits to get to a majority on healthcare in the House. Please call your Congressman -especially if it is Rodney Frelinghuysen ** or Tom MacArthur ** – the two likely to vote Yes on the Healthcare bill.

TODAY – Monday, May 1, 2017

[I’ll skip the Make the Road NJ event that already happened]
2:00 p.m. May Day Rally & March for Racial Justice, Dignity and Respect for All Immigrants and Workers (Lincoln Park, Newark, with a march to the Federal Building).
2:30 p.m. Liberty State Park Immigrant Rights Rally In view of Lady Liberty
7 p.m. Botto House May Day Festival featuring performances by Charlie King, Magpie & George Mann. The New Jersey Industiral Union Council (IUC) “Solidarity Singers” and Harmonic Insurgence Choir, under the direction of Eugene Glickman will perform. $10 admission to support New Jersey’s Labor Museum.

Wednesday, May 3

4-7pm: Wednesday vigils: Please hold 4 – 7pm for healthcare vigils. These may be targeted to MacArthur & Frelinghuysen, or at all GOP congressmen’s offices.  Check back at the New Jersey Resistance page on Facebook .

Next Week & beyond:

May 9 – SAVE THE DATE. Rutgers Dreamer and DACA student, Carimer Andujar, has been told to report to immigration for an interview.

May 15 – New Sanctuary Movement Event and Training  (6:30pm. Free. 21 Main St., Asbury Park)

May 24 – “Environmental Activism: From Global to Local” – Co-hosted by Progressive Hunterdon Democrats & Indivisible Garden State Values (6:30pm. Free. 2 Stangl Road, Flemington)

May 31 – LoBiondo Town Hall (Whether he attends or not).

** The links are for the D.C. and NJ offices of both congressmen. If you can, call the D.C. office. That’s where the House members are most likely to be at any one time, and they need to hear those ringing. As always, be brief and polite to the staffer that takes your call (of course) and make sure to say if you’re a constituent. 





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Here are two events today: 

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