Last Night’s Rallies: Calling on Rep. Leonard Lance to Back Independent Investigation Into Trump

Last night, as about 75 people gathered at the Historic Hunterdon County Courthouse in Flemington as allies assembled outside Rep. Leonard Lance’s Westfield office, we had no idea that at that moment Michael Schmidt at the New York Times was breaking the story about Comey’s memo. So much has changed since last night; the calls will now get louder for congressional Republicans to put country before party, be the patriots they say they are. That’s exactly what our signs outside in Lance’s district called for him to do. We were calling on him to back independent investigation of Donald Trump’s Russian ties, and get at what all these firings and questionable events are really about.

Today, Trump’s on the road in Connecticut, flailing like he does. But things are moving fast, despite him:

A few minutes ago, the Senate Intelligence Committee requested Comey testify in hearings both closed and open, also requesting the FBI turn over Comey’s notes and memos. And this morning, the first Republican raised the specter of President Trump’s impeachment; Michigan’s Rep. Justin Amash said that if the report is accurate that Trump pressured Comey to shut down his investigation of Michael Flynn, that merits  impeaching the president.

I just want to say something about the people in Flemington with us last night: I’m really proud. In 6 months since Trump’s election, 117 days of his presidency, I’ve seen people surprise themselves and become leaders, sometimes balancing a toddler on their hips, their job on the other line. Bernie and Hillary people strategizing together, no small thing. Last night we had 5 small kids with us, and we all kept watch of them near the busy street. The Resistance is now in their life, too.  “Trump is the yuckiest,” little River told me seriously as I gave him some paper to draw with. [That’s him, holding the flag below, in pics from Flemington]. Joyce Santos was there; Raritan Twp’s great Dem candidate against their all-GOP government. Something else, too. After a couple hours, 5 Republicans waving Trump signs showed up a few feet away – a child with them. They repeatedly stepped into the side street, screamed themselves hoarse, and made rude personal comments about some of the women with us. Low-class stuff.  None of us got distracted, took the bait or returned fire. That’s not what we were there for. Last night in Westfield and Flemington was a little slice of Resistance; it goes on every day all over the country, and we know it’s right. This is part of how we win.

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  1. Tom Gardner

    Those counter-protesters with their leftover Trump/Pence lawn signs were pathetic. My voice is still scratchy from drowning out their grunts with our more articulate chants but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

    The folks that were at *our* protest were great, indeed – friendly and with senses of humor. I am proud to be associated with them.

    The contrast between our side and the Trump side – the latter fueled by obvious, inchoate and inexplicable rage – couldn’t have been more stark.

    Perfect example was the woman who roared up in her SUV to yell the wonderfully relevant insult: “Go to Benghazi with HILLARY!” Wow. Sick burn, dittohead.

    We just said, “Thanks for your support!”

    They hate it when we show they’re not getting under our skin or deterring us … and they never will.


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