Kim Guadagno trolls Phil Murphy using Dem challengers’ own words

If you’re the big money candidate with the big corporate history and the close financial relationships with Democratic county organizations through their chairs, then the Republicans vying for nomination are going to reach out and troll you early. All the ways you can talk about big money, crammed into 52 seconds, but with dark hints of pay-to-play, and insidery relationships fixing election outcomes. If Murphy is the candidate, the Republicans will be astroturfing this hard, trying to look like a groundswell; they recognize that 2017 New Jersey is a key bellwether even if we’re not sure the Democrats do. But I also suspect Murphy is ready for this and hasn’t even begun to roll out his counter-attack. He’s no dummy. And the consultant firepower in his arsenal is expensive and bigly. Get ready for the war of words. June 6th is 19 days away.

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