Gubernatorial Debates: Tomorrow (Tuesday), Thursday & Next Week

Updated 5:24pm with info about a letter to ELEC signed by both Phil Murphy and Ray Lesniak, urging that all 6 Democrats on the primary ballot be included in official debates. 

Are you ready? Here come the debates to determine who gets to be the next Governor, inherit the mess Chris Christie has left us with (think it’ll come up?) and take New Jersey in a new direction. Tomorrow in South Jersey, both the R’s and the D’s, with spurned 4 ‘minor’ candidates determined to make their own mark outside the door. Then in two successive Thursdays in Newark, the qualifying Dems debate followed a week later by the qualifying Republicans.

Tuesday May 9: Republican & Democratic Gubernatorial Debates 
Where:  Campus Center Theater at Stockton University in Galloway (Atlantic County)
6:30pm: Republicans Jack Ciattarelli and Kim Guadagno debate first
8:00pm: Democrats Phil Murphy, Jim Johnson, John Wisniewski. and Ray Lesniak
Can you attend? Yes. But seats in the theater are all gone. Simulcast room tix available till 5:30pm Tuesday here
See it: Livestreamed from Stockton U and at multiple news sites, with signing & Spanish translations in feed

Four candidates who did not make the threshold plan to hold their own debate, right outside the Stockton University theater hosting the ‘official’ debate, and one hour before it, just as people are arriving. Those four are Republicans Joseph Rullo and Steven Rogers and Democrats Bill Brennan and Mark Zinna. All four will live-stream on their own campaign pages. Bill Brennan tells me that both Phil Murphy and Ray Lesniak signed a letter saying that participation in the debates should be open to all six of the Democratic candidates who qualified to be on the primary ballot. That would have included both Brennan and Zinna, who also signed the letter (read it here).

Thursday, May 11: Democratic Gubernatorial Debate
Where: NJTV studios in Newark
8:00 pm (Run-time 2 hours, with 90 minutes debate time)
See it: Broadcast on NJTV & live streamed at NJTV and NJ Spotlight

Thursday, May 18: Republican Gubernatorial Debate
Where: NJTV studios in Newark
8:00 pm (Run-time 90 minutes, 60 minutes debate time)
See it: Broadcast on NJTV & live streamed at NJTV and NJ Spotlight

What were the qualification hurdles candidates had to meet to participate in these debates? They each had to meet a $430,000 funding threshold established by the New Jersey ELEC, which organized the debates.

The primary, which date I’m sure you have stamped in your focused big brains, is Tuesday June 6. May 16 is the deadline to register to vote in time for the primary.


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