Fred LaVergne

There are at least six people who are running, or seriously considering running, for the Democratic nomination to oppose right-wing Congressman Tom MacArthur. One of those people has been there before. Fred LaVergne of Delanco was the Democratic candidate who opposed MacArthur in 2016.

I ran into LaVergne outside this past week’s MacArthur town hall. He declined to answer questions about his candidacy but did make this announcement.

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  1. deciminyan (Post author)

    The case he is referring to is Docket #1:17-cv-00793 – “LaVergne v US House of Representatives”

  2. Scott Neuman

    I think Fred meant but
    DC Federal Docket #1:17-cv-00793 filed “LaVergne v U.S. House of Representatives.” Follow Congressional Apportionment Amendment

     You have to see this case. Changes the world. Six years of Research.

    Reset Congress. A Qourem is 6000 reps, not 435 per the Constitution. Someone forgot to teach us this for a reason.

    The Archivist of the United States knows the Congressional Apportionment Amendment is ratified and refuses to present this amendment to Congress. It’s his job to present ratified amendments to Congress. Our suit brings that point to his attention.

  3. Frederick J LaVergne

    I didn’t “decline to answer questions about my candidacy”…you caught me when I was leaving. (Later pics show me in a different shirt). I had to be elsewhere from 4-6 pm.

    anyone with questions can reach me at

  4. Annoyed Citizen

    Great more conspiracy theories from Fred. Just what we need. Do everyone a favor & just retire. You’re a joke.

  5. Glenn Lindaburu

    Feed la who? No! Just no way. Where did he campaign last time? The county farm fair? Raised all of $600?
    Where are the Burlington County Democrats? Their web site hasn’t been updated since before the election. Repeated attempts to contact them have been ignored. Guess what happens when you call the county GOP? Someone actually answers the phone! That’s how you win. Jim Keady could have competed. Looks like maybe Kim as well. But the local dems are MIA and candidates like La Who are a good way to keep the 3rd red.
    Glenn Lindabury

  6. Bob Osenenko

    To all of Fred’s detractors you have a few questions to answer. Tom McArthur wants to win seniors by encouraging Rep. Paul Ryan to end SS. McArthur wants to save NJ by ending Obamacare and giving their federal aide to the wealthy for tax breaks. McArthur favors General’s taking over civilian positions in our govt. So if you want McArthur you want this for America?

    1. Glenn A Lindabury

      No, MacArthur needs to join the unemployment line. Fred LaVergne can’t be bothered to campaign and is no competition for Tmac. Kim has the drive and the credentials. If you want MacArthur and his agenda the you can guarantee it by running Fred. Kim in ’18: flip it blue.

  7. Mike Henderson

    Piss off Fred. You can’t campaign worth a damn and we need someone that hasn’t been railroaded by MacArthur already.


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