DCCC’s NJ District target list: Challengers ramping up to take on Frelinghuysen, Lance, MacArthur … but what about LoBiondo?

Today, the DCCC released Round Two of their targeted districts list. There weren’t any New Jersey names on it.

From DCCC’s Round One Targets, released Jan 30, 2017

And it’s clear from reading Twitter that not everybody realizes New Jersey’s already on that list; DCCC named four NJ districts already in its Round One list back in January. Decide for yourself if that’s a blessing or a curse (ask Aimee Belgard). DCCC has a long history of That list was pretty damn big – 57 districts – and included 23 where the Republican member of Congress won but so did Hillary Clinton.

Leonard: My congressman, Leonard Lance was one of those. And yup, he’s vulnerable. If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t have hosted 3 town halls swarmed by angry ACA advocates, when others avoided same like the plague (for which they themselves, as congressmen, will always be covered, any plague, any time). And if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t have voted against Trumpcare; making noises about ‘hearing his constituents’, as if he hadn’t already voted to dismantle or defund Obamacare 60 times. Wednesday, June 28th in Flemington, Dems meet for NJ7’s first Candidate Forum

Rodney: Frelinghuysen’s put himself in a whole different category, going after the livelihood of a constituent – a “ringleader” – guilty of nothing more than trying to get him out to the same kind of town halls Lance did x3. There’s a special kind of hell for arrogant congressmen who make a fatal mistake and let the public see who they really are. Rodney’s got a fat war chest, but all the money in the world might not save him this time. Scott Garrett has your Orientation Package all ready, Congressman.
Don’t look now, Rodney, Mikie Sherill, former prosecutor & Navy chopper pilot’s running 

Tom: Rep. MacArthur actually put his name on the GOP’s inhuman takedown of the ACA; the iteration that passed. The MacArthur amendment actually made AHCA worseMacArthur runs the Tuesday Group; they call themselves “moderates.” DCCC’s Round Two list is only 20 names; almost all of them got on the hit list because they voted Yes on AHCA cuz it’s super-duper unpopular. Tom did; so did Rodney … but they were already on the list. NY’s Rep. Elise Stefanik, Tom’s Tuesday Group co-chair, is now on the list. 3 challengers have already lined up to take on Tom; Deciminyan has vid on all 3

Frank: Wait … Do we have anybody running against Frank LoBiondo yet?  NJ2 people, help me out here? Maybe the Progressive Coalition for NJ-2 group will find a candidate to run against LoBo. They’re meeting Tuesday.


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  1. deciminyan

    There at least two other potential Democratic challengers to MacArthur who I have spoken with, but neither is ready to go public yet. And there’s one name floating around that I haven’t yet contacted. MacArthur is vulnerable and the buzzards are already circling the carcass of the faux-moderate.

  2. Joey Novick

    The Congressional Candidate Forum in NJ7 is June 28th, Wednesday not June 24, which is a Saturday.
    FYI The forum is in Progressive Hunterdon Democrats’ home base, Stangl Stage in Flemington (next door to Factory Fuel Coffee) but the event is hosted not just by us but by many of our progressive group partners working in NJ-7. More on this as the event gets closer.

    1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

      I’ll fix the date.


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