Cook moves Frelinghuysen’s CD11th from Likely Republican to Lean Republican

NJ 11th for Change has been showing up outside Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen’s door for months, whether he shows up or not. NJ Citizen Action’s been coordinating pressure on him for months to vote to protect the health and well-being of Americans over his party’s need for a face-saving win. But he caved, apparently to Speaker Ryan’s threat to take away his chairmanship at House Appropriations; a plum job he waited years for. When he voted to dismantle the ACA, we knew he’d have to deal with more constituent pressure than this legacy-family scion has ever had to prepare for. But it looks like what he did to Saily Avelenda, going after her livelihood by complaining to her employers that she dared demand he meet with his constituents, was the tipping point. The moment where an elected congressman was witnessed abusing his power to intimidate a constituent and the movement she stands with. Rodney’s Scott Garrett moment, maybe just maybe. Cook Political Report today showed Frelinghuysen’s CD11 “trending rapidly away from the GOP.”  Cook moves NJ 11th from Likely Republican to Lean Republican. Let’s go for Toss Up next.


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