Blue Jerseyans – What are you looking for in tonight’s Democratic Gubernatorial Debate?

Blue Jersey will be at the Democratic Gubernatorial Debate tonight, at NJTV’s Newark studios. NJTV will broadcast but you can also watch NJTV/NJ Spotlight’s livestream right here at Blue Jersey, starting 8pm.

What will you be listening for at tonight’s debate, Blue Jersey? 

How much campaign money’s been spent so far for your vote?
How each of these candidates actually plan to make their promises reality?
Looking for the strongest against pipelines? Best on mass transit? Public education? Most experienced? Most progressive? Toughest against the Republicans? What? Let us know what to look for tonight.

I hope you’ll join us here tonight, and on Twitter at @bluejersey

FYI – Stockton University hosted the first debate Tuesday night. ICYMI, here’s that video (start at 1:38:46 if you want to skip the Republican Debate and get right to the Democrats).

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  1. Paul Alirangues

    One thing is clear, a Democrat must win this year’s Gubernatorial election. But to me, the best platform would be one that combines some of the issues that each of them is bringing up. For example, Ray Lesniak talks about a public review board not only for Education, but also for NJ Transit and the Port Authority, I think that’s a great idea. John Wisniewski talks about single payer health care yet criticizes Phil Murphy over a State Bank by saying the Government can’t be trusted with that. Yet a single payer health plan in New jersey would double the size of the government in one fell swoop. I think both ideas are good ones, but I think both of them would require Ray Lesniak’s Public oversight and accountability. None of their proposals are worth the paper they are printed on without accountability and without political reform. You can have the best system in the world, but if political bosses are going to dictate what happens and reward their crony’s and continue the corrupt pay to play, wheeling and quid pro quo transactional governing, non of it will work. So what I want to hear is how they are going to break up this political boss system, provide accountability and give power and control back to the people.


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