What is Tom MacArthur Up To?

Just speculating here. What’s Tom MacArthur up to?

His full-throated endorsement and proactive support of the Tea Party’s quest to make health insurance unaffordable goes counter to the wishes of his constituents. So that begs the question: Will TMac run for re-election in 2018, or will he pull a Jon Runyan and move on to something else after two terms?

At one time, I thought he might run for U.S. Senate against Bob Menendez or, if Menendez quits, against another Democrat. But once again, his recent tack even further to the right seem to indicate he has given up on state-wide office in a blue state.

His kowtowing to Trump may indicate that he’s gunning for an appointment in 45’s “administration” – maybe Deputy Undersecretary of Health and Human Services in the Office of Insurance Claim Denials.

Or maybe with his background in insurance, the wealthiest New Jersey congressman will fill his coffers even further as a lobbyist for the insurance industry.

Like Trump, MacArthur is becoming more and more unpopular in this neck of the woods – even among my Republican friends. But he’s a clever and squirrelly guy, and like his mentor Chris Christie, I’m willing to bet that he’s sacrificing serving in his current job while he looks for his next one.

(photo: MacArthur and Runyan)

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  1. ken bank

    No doubt he’s running for Senate, but he needs to clear the GOP primary first and outflank his opponents on the right, especially the likes of Steve Lonegan, whom he has faced before, or Mike Doherty who definitely has ambitions for higher office. He’s also assuming that Menendez will run for re-election but severely damaged by his legal problems. And if Menendez is convicted, TMac has a head start.

    Another point to consider is that TMac’s amendment will not impact NJ as I see no way they will waive the EHB requirement. They will in other states, but who cares about the rednecks, crackers and trailer trash that will suffer most in states like Texas and Florida since they are the ones who elected Trump and the GOP in the first place.

    1. ken bank

      I forgot to add that TMac. or whoever replaces him, will possibly have a strong opponent in Andy Kim, a former national security official in the Obama administration: https://www.crowdpac.com/campaigns/206479/white-house-national-security-expert-and-rhodes-scholar-considering-running-in-new-jersey-home-district-against-trumpcare-2-0-author

    2. Julie Turner

      It does impact New Jersey. National firms can choose to buy insurance from a state with fewer benefits. The 25% cut In Medicaid has a major impact on New Jersey, in particular those in Macarthur’s district. Concern about cap on life time health care costs. Older citizens will face soaring costs.


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