Trump’s action on Planned Parenthood – What it does, what it doesn’t do

Christine’s Advocacy Director for Planned Parenthood of Central and Greater Northern New Jersey. PP is planning a lobby day, which we’ll tell you about as it gets closer. And she thanks everybody who is standing up to advocate that Rep. Leonard Lance not vote to defund Planned Parenthood. Finally, don’t miss the staggering numbers on STDs and cervical and breast cancer since Gov. Christie killed funding for Title X health centers since 2010. Promoted by Rosi

Yesterday President Donald Trump took yet another measure attacking women’s health.  The bill signed by President Trump nullifies the Title X protections President Obama put into place prior to leaving office.  Obama’s Title X rule clarified and reinforced an existing law which prevented states from barring family planning providers from participating in Title X simply because they also provided abortion care.  Even though the Title X program prohibits this, states like Florida still attempted to bar Planned Parenthood from Title X.

Title X is the federal family planning program that provides funding for critical health care services like cancer screenings, STD tests/treatment and birth control.  Title X helps ensure more than 4 million people have health care in this country. Without Title X millions of women with low incomes or without insurance would not have access to this basic health care.

In spite of President Trump’s action yesterday, it is still against federal law for states to block people from accessing Title X family planning services at a health center that also provides safe and legal abortion.  This bill did not “defund” Planned Parenthood.  However, Trump’s action could embolden states around the nation to attempt to block women and men from accessing this care at Planned Parenthood and other health centers.  

In New Jersey, Title X health centers like Planned Parenthood and others provide reproductive healthcare to hundreds of thousands of women, men and teens.  Governor Christie eliminated state funding for these health centers in 2010.  Since then STD’s have increased 35% statewide and breast and cervical cancer rates have skyrocketed.  Fortunately, Title X is a federal program and there has been no such action by the state legislature to bar Planned Parenthood from this critical health care program.  In fact, the legislature has voted to restore state funding for family planning for the last seven years.

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