Tax Day News Roundup & Open Thread for Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Image: Demonstration outside of Tom MacArthur’s private “town hall” late yesterday afternoon. Credit: Indivisible SJ Now

Today is the deadline for submitting your 2016 Federal Income Taxes. Don’t hold your breath waiting for transparency from Mr. Trump.

Chris Christie

The governor tries to put a good spin on his legacy in what amounts to his exit interview with the New York Times.

Vanity Fair:Christie seems to be frantically trying to turn the car around before it careens over a guard rail.”

Where are they now? Christie’s consiglieres end up in places ranging from white-collar “prison” to the Port Authority cesspool to DC jobs.

Pissing on the Third Rail: Christie and Amtrak blame each other for our lousy rail infrastructure.


The wealthiest member of the New Jersey delegation garners almost a quarter million in the last quarter while freshman Josh Gottheimer leads the pack with triple that amount.

A Tale of Two Town Halls: NBC10 contrasts the open nature of a Democrat’s Town Hall with the insular approach by a Republican congressman. (video)

Our Next Governor

Candidates report the sources of their income, but are not required to reveal everything.

Welcome to Trump’s America

Michigan group tries to stop New Jersey Muslims from worshiping.

Trump’s pro-pollution agenda hits the Garden StateDirty coal plant will continue to operate.

Other News

Millennial Power: Stephany Kim assumes the council seat vacated by Food & Water Watch’s former Director.

Follow the Money: Why it’s nearly impossible for a Democrat to be elected to a county-wide post in Burlington County.

Privatization Failure: Once again, the company selected to run the state lottery fails to meet revenue goals.

Ticking Time Bomb at the Shore: Oyster Creek Nuke gets increased oversight after a bad inspection.

With the March for Science coming up this weekend, New Jersey’s State University puts out this video touting their science accomplishments:

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