Protesting the Pending MacArthurCare Disaster

Tom MacArthurFirst, we had TrumpCare. It would have been a disaster. After the short-lived attempt at RyanCare, it looks now like there’s a chance that the Republican government will pass the latest incarnation – MacArthurCare.

Tom MacArthur – portrayed by the mainstream media as a moderate – has worked with the so-called Freedom Caucus to spearhead a bill that would appeal to the vast majority of the House Republicans. It guts the protections and cost controls of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) and is so bad that Congress is exempting itself from the new bill.

Today, a group of a few dozen activists gathered at MacArthur’s Marlton office to deliver a petition with 1,000 signatures expressing disapproval of the congressman’s approach. Additionally, they delivered 36 balloons – each with 1,000 pieces of confetti inside, each representing each person in the District who would lose medical coverage.

In the first video below, Susan Pansius of New Jersey Third Congressional District Action Group describes the events of this afternoon and presents the petition to members of MacArthur’s staff. In the second video, Ray Castro of New Jersey Policy Perspective explains the pitfalls of MacArthurCare and how they impact New Jersey.

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  1. Diane Foss

    Why not try to fix the problems with Obama Care, instead of trying to invent a bill that essentially disguises pre-existing conditions so that coverage for these illnesses is really not affordable. Eventually people will discover the holes in this new bill. If there was an easy fix do Republicans not understand Obama would have fixed it? Trump’s ego seems to be more important than helping people who need coverage the most, and have the least amount of money.

  2. Charles Cerveny

    You are so out of office. Deny pre-existing conditions!!!! You are now denied the next election. Shame on you voting for BILLONARIES, DESTROYING POOR PEOPLE, SEE YOU IN HELL OR MAYBE NOT,remember Jesus rose, HE is waiting to meet you and HE will ask questions —> STILL TIME TO CHANGE

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