Pressure … Pressure …PRESSURE … on NJ’s GOP congressmen

Above, Speaker Paul Ryan on the move, last time the GOP tried to kill ACA. Photo: Gabriella Demczuk NYT.

Update #2: Withdrawn! They didn’t have the votes.
Update: NJ Citizen Action reports that Rep. Chris Smith has reaffirmed he is still a No.

We’re hearing that Republican House leadership is threatening NJ11’s congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen with the loss of his chairmanship if he doesn’t fall in line with the party’s newest attempt at killing the Affordable Care Act. And NJ04’s Republican Chris Smith is next on the hot seat.

Frelinghuysen is chair of the powerful House Appropriations Committee, they only regulate expenditures of money by the government of the United States. It’s the kind of thing people wait years to run. Frelinghuysen has. Ironically, by the way, Frelinghuysen is a member of the Tuesday Group, co-chaired by his House colleague MacArthur, but he’s not thinking of the Tuesday Group today. His chairmanship hangs in the balance, and he needs to hear from his constituents (and others) to do the right thing:

Call Rep. Frelinghuysen & demand he vote NO: D.C. is best: (202) 225-5034.
Morristown: (973) 984-0711

As you know, the GOP is currently trying to force through something called the MacArthur amendment – which is terrible – and would allow states to eliminate key protections of Obamacare. The amendment is nothing more than a change to the ‘Trumpcare’ bill that massive protests – including here – killed before a vote. And it carries NJ03’s GOP congressman Tom MacArthur’s name. He’s the co-chair of the Tuesday Group in Congress; they call themselves the ‘moderates.’ But yesterday, the farther-right Freedom Caucus signed on behind the amendment.

We hear Chris Smith has now been called to a meeting with Republican leadership this afternoon. We’re not sure what they’re threatening him with (well, they can root around in his subcommittees).

Call Rep. Smith & demand he vote NO: D.C. is best: (202) 225-3765.
Freehold: (732) 780-3035

As always, here are our best practices for calls to members of Congress:
(1) If you’re a constituent – say so up front! Constituent calls will be weighed far most heavily
(2) If you can, call the D.C. The congressman will probably be in the office – important he hears that phone ring
(3) Be polite – always. You will be connected to a tired staffer, who will be polite to you
(4) Don’t demand to talk to the congressman
(5) Be brief! Let them know you’re reasons, and say thank you.

PS: Here are some additional office numbers for Rep. Smith.
Here’s contact info for the NJ congressional delegation.





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