Planned Parenthood Under Further Siege in NJ and USA

President Trump quietly signed legislation Thursday that rolls back an Obama-era rule protecting certain federal funds for Planned Parenthood and other organizations that provide legal abortions.

Now that the rule has been repealed, states can effectively block Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers from funds associated with the Title X Family Planning program. It was established in 1970 to subsidize organizations that offer services related to contraception, pregnancy care, fertility and cancer screenings. About 75 percent of that government support comes from the Medicaid program to pay for direct medical services. Planned Parenthood obtains about $60 million annually from Title X, and in the group’s most recent annual report, its affiliates received $553.7 million total from federal, state and local governments – or, about half its total funding.

Planned Parenthood says that in a fifth of the counties it serves, it is the only provider for low-income women.

Planned Parenthood of Northern, Central, and Southern New Jersey provides services in 14 counties. In New Jersey under Sen. Loretta Weinberg’s leadership our legislature has repeatedly provided funding for Planned Parenthood. Governor Christie has repeatedly vetoed the funding. In 2015 during his failed quest for the presidency he urged congress to defund Planned Parenthood.

The 2017 Planned Parenthood Congressional Scorecard ranks members of Congress based on votes over the past six years on key legislation related to women’s health care and rights. All NJ Democratic Representatives and Senators scored 100%. Four out of five NJ Republican Representatives scored 0%. The fifth, Rodney Frelinghuysen, scored 11%.

At Rep. Lance’s Town Hall CD 7 meeting a few days ago he had a hard time dodging one constituent’s question regarding whether he’d continue working to defund Planned Parenthood. Instead of a straight answer, he offered his own plan: Break Planned Parenthood into two businesses. One would offer women’s health care that he likes, and the other would provide women’s health care that he doesn’t like. To say he was met with boos would understate the cacophony of cries that came from his audience.

In early March Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen (CD 11) maintained that he supports a woman’s right to choose, and Planned Parenthood. But he voted to defund Planned Parenthood in 2015 and again this year, after supporting it in 2007, 2009 and 2011.

Heidi Williamson, the senior policy analyst for the Women’s Health and Rights Program at the Center for American Progress. says, “Despite repeated promises that he would protect and invest in women’s health, President Trump has once again shown that his words carry little weight. His actions are creating very real and damaging consequences for millions of women and their families, inflicting direct harm on already vulnerable communities.”

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  1. Bill Orr (Post author)

    You should also direct your activism toward our President in ralllies, phone calls, letters, etc. In addition, his daughter Ivanka has a very active and visible role in the White House and says she is championing women’s issues. She recently had a meeting with Planned Parenthood. So drop her a line.


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