News Roundup for Friday, April 21, 2017


PCCC’s co-founder is a New Jerseyan and knows his stuff. National progressive PAC Progressive Change Campaign Committee sees NJ as proving ground for ‘anti-Trump power-building,’ banking on the anti-Trump backlash in this top-down machine state to be able to inspire candidates from the ground up.

Central Jersey Progressive Democrats, the ticket looking to run a coup from the left on the 17th legislative district and in Piscataway and New Brunswick files suit against the Middlesex County Clerk’s office, alleging the office has “refused to provide proofs of the mail ballot, despite election law requiring the office to do so and a statutory deadline for the Clerk to begin mailing ballots this Saturday.”

Coming next week? NJ Rep. Tom MacArthur’s Tuesday Group and Freedom Caucus’ amendment to “Repeal and Replace.” And here’s one thing you can do about it: Show up. Again. Still. Until they give up.


  • This is a mensch. Luke Miller of Real New York Tours is helping acclimate Syrian refugees, including some now settling in Elizabeth, NJ, by showing them New York City on the house. Pizza. The subway. Empire State Building. And rides on the Trump Carousel in Central Park for the children. “Miller called the fact that a group of giddy Syrians were now riding Trump’s horses ‘divine justice.’”
  • This is not a mensch. ACLU is on it, ditto Food and Water Watch. Cornell Brooks, national NAACP president, is here vowing to fight “for the long haul” any attempt to sell Atlantic City’s water authority. They’re representing the interests of residents; nobody wants another Flint. But with politically-connects law firms itching to acquire the MUA (including one whose lobbyist is a Norcross), Christie may be shifting his position.


It’s not just the other justices. Here’s how frequently women Supreme Court Justices are interrupted by men.

Resistance children. White House Snapchat’ features “We miss Obama” on visitor mural at the Easter Egg Roll


Trial of Menendez’ alleged co-conspirator in Florida nears end. If Dr. Salomon Melgen is convicted, he could face pressure to testify against Menendez in the NJ corruption case where both are charged.

Charlie Stile & Dustin Racioppi go on video to talk about the Guv candidates on money and taxes.

White House Easter Egg Roll mural photo (“We miss Obama”): @MatthewACherry

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