May 1 Livestreamed: New Jersey’s Gubernatorial Candidates Talk Social Justice

To a great degree, the choice Democrats have for who they want as their standard-bearer in the November election to replace Gov. Chris Christie, has already been supplanted by the Murphy campaign, using his money to game NJ’s system, county chairs’ effective control of ‘the line,’ and the tendency of most elected Democratic county committees to rubber stamp whoever the Chair tells them to want.

The result’s been we don’t know much about these candidates. And where they’ve made a point to do assertive outreach, as Murphy certainly has perhaps better than anyone else, we generally haven’t seen how the candidates stack up next to each other, or where they stand of issues that might be particularly important to us as a progressive community.

Debates: We’ll have a chance for some of that in the Gubernatorial Primary debates – Tuesday, May 9th (both parties, separately), May 11th (Dems) and May 18th (GOP)  – which will all be live streamed.

But I also wanted to flag this for you – sold out at NJPAC, but with plans for live-streaming:

A Conversation on Social Justice with New Jersey’s Gubernatorial Candidates
When: Monday, May 1 (6:30pm)
Hosts: New Jersey Institute for Social Justice, NJPAC & NAACP New Jersey State Conference
Moderators: Elise Boddie, Institute Board member, Rutgers Professor of Law and Michael Hill of NJTV.
Participating Candidates: Bill Brennan, Jim Johnson, Raymond Lesniak, Seth Kaper-Dale, Phil Murphy, Steven Rogers, Hirsh Singh, John Wisniewski, and Mark Zinna.
View Livestream at event time – at this NJTV link.

Be prepared to hear the candidates try to out-do each other to appear more forward-thinking, equality-minded and progressive than they guy next to him (and yes, it’s all men). I will be listening not to the promises but to their accounts of how they’ve put their values into practice. And it’s a shame Kim Guadagno and Jack Ciattarelli won’t be there. I’d love to see either of them address issues of social or racial justice. Not saying they might do well, just saying I’d love to see it.






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