Look who’s running as a Republican in Morris County

Morris County folks, here’s the Republican running for an open seat in Morris Township; Dr. Nicole Saphier, a radiologist and TV regular who had the job of explaining things like the ACA to the early morning crowd at Fox & Friends. And what does Saphier think?

(1)  Blames ACA’s “newly insured patients” for “physician burnout” and says we have to “make doctors happier” and “hold patients accountable for some of their lifestyle choices.” (read it)

(2)  Advocated Tom Price as Trump’s Health & Human Services Secretary, perhaps an unusually “happy doctor” through some shady dealings with pharma stock (read it)

(3)  OK, Price’s shady dealings weren’t what Saphier was talking about. But he does have a history in Congress of trying to boost tax cuts for wealthy folks & corporations while trying to privatize and dismantle Medicare & Medicaid (read it). Saphier seems to let that slide because Price is a doctor (recent Secretaries of HHS haven’t been) and because she seems to underestimate the power a Cabinet Secretary actually has. (watch)

(4)  Talks in terms of “we” in discussing ACA takedown (“we have about 7 Republican proposals ready to go to replace the Affordable Care Act”), like you would if you were all in for ‘repeal & replace’

(5)  On GOP’s plans to defund Planned Parenthood, Saphier seems to know PP performs vital services, then seems to remember she’s on Fox, and talks about “satisfying public opinion” means we have to “modify how we fund”.  Does that mean tax dollars going to abortion? (incredible we’re still dealing with this). Apparently, uh, yes, according to Saphier, because “We need to respect everyone’s beliefs, everyone’s rights.” Huh. So, does that mean catering to those people who stand outside clinics and verbally accost women who walk in? Because beliefs? Because their “beliefs” > needs of people coming to Planned Parenthood for legal, needed services? 

I have no idea what local issues Dr. Saphier will make important in her race for Morris Township Committee. But if I were Morris County Democrats, I would paint her campaign up and down with questions about her positions about where she is on ACA takedown, ACA, Planned Parenthood and access to medical services. All things Morris Twp voters – particularly older residents or those who think they may get sick someday – might like to know if they don’t start their day letting Fox News propaganda wash over their breakfast. Seems only right, given that she’s made a name for herself selling exactly that.

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